Social Responsibility

CONBRAKO (PTY) LTD  is aware of the need for the people of South Africa to transform especially at the grassroots level. Conbrakopre4africa-1024x1024 has partnered with Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust t/a Preschools 4 Africa – a well-established non-profit- with a focus on children’s education, community development and skill upliftment.  Together our aim is to change this country, one child at a time through preschool education.

2We have invested heavily in the only Black created (in 2012) owned steel foundry in SA. Duvha foundry. Stanley Tshivhase continues to trade profitably in this very difficult sector.

Conbrako (Pty) Ltd has sponsored numerous engineering students at various South African universities, and all have passed compared to the National average of 15% graduation rate.

We also sponsor a high tech training school specialising in machine coding.